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About Us

About VishwasIIT

We Ensure Better Education for a Better World

Took birth as ‘Teach Andhra’ by a bunch of enthusiastic educators with Strong Teaching & IT Background, the start up had the sole intention of helping schools start online during the Pandemic. Teach Andhra provided online classes for more than 180 schools and helped learning continue for more than 1,00,000 Students during the Lockdown.

Teach Andhra was trusted by schools and loved by students across the state for its commitment to provide education For Thousands of Students during the period of adversity.

Our Mission

To instill values for holistic growth of a child with quality education and physical fitness

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide top quality online IIT Foundation classes Live in schools, handled by expert IIT faculty, managed by experienced and proven service providers, at extremely affordable pricing.. ensuring school, student and parent delight.

The incredible success story of Teach Andhra, and the amazing appreciation for the service and quality during the pandemic, propelled us to venture for our long time dream of establishing online IIT foundation program for schools.

The idea is to provide top quality online IIT Foundation classes at an extremely affordable prices, serving schools and students.

The Project was piloted in the Academic Year 2022-23 with four schools and the response and the result has been nothing short of extraordinary! Top class IIT faculty, uninterrupted classes, weekly tests, both virtual and physical has made sure that the online IIT classes provide the students as much a the offline classes. With the confidence of this success, the Vishwas IIT foundatio program is officially launched this year from June 2023 with more schools, aiming to create bigger and better impact on students.

Shape your destiny - Start your IIT, NEET, and IAS preparation journey in 6th to 9th class for a brilliant future.

Pursue your dreams of IIT, NEET, and IAS with determination and unlock a future filled with endless possibilities.

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